4 Myths About Our Listing Profit Program, Debunked

When real estate agents first hear about the Listing Profit Remodeling Equity Rescue Program, they’re usually impressed. But how can a solution so ideal come without any strings attached? Surely there’s fine print to know or some adverse consequence to consider.

The truth is, the Listing Profit Remodeling program is a win-win opportunity for agents and sellers. Today, we’ll ask and answer some of the most frequently asked questions we hear. And we’ll share some of the more prevalent myths and debunk them. Let’s shed light on this revolutionary renovation program so you and your sellers will be completely empowered and in taking the next steps. The goal is to sell the home as quickly as possible and for the most money. Listing Profit Remodeling has the ability to ensure both.

Myth 1: My Sellers Don’t Have the Cash for a Pre-Listing Remodel with Listing Profit Remodeling.

There are expensive connotations with the terms “remodel” and “renovation.” It just implies costly, lengthy, complicated, and tedious. As an agent, you might have insights about your sellers that lead you to believe that they just don’t have the cash handy to remodel anything. You know that a renovated kitchen, an upgraded bathroom, or a finished basement will help the property sell. However, your sellers aren’t in a financial position to fund those projects.

It’s ok. These are scenarios that inspired Listing Profit Remodeling to develop renovation solutions. Your sellers can use the equity they already have in their home to fund the projects needed to make it move-in ready. And the best part is they won’t pay a dime for anything until closing day. With remodels, the home will likely sell for more, making paying at closing an affordable proposition.

Myth 2: Only Homeowners with Good Credit Can Defer Remodeling Costs.

If your clients don’t have the cash to fund a remodel project, Listing Profit Remodeling can still help. Additionally, even those homeowners with less-than-stellar credit histories can tap into their existing home equity and be eligible. In fact, we don’t do credit checks. So, anyone with existing equity can qualify, renovate the home, defer the payments, and get top dollar offers to sell fast.

Myth 3: As a Realtor, I Will Have to Help Deal with Remodel Contractors.

Now you’re probably thinking the Equity Rescue Program sounds pretty good. But you don’t have the free time nor the desire to help facilitate contractors and remodel projects. Your plate is full, with your roster of Realtor duties, and you don’t want to add more by taking on additional liaison responsibilities.

We don’t blame you. And you can ease your mind to know that the Listing Profit Remodeling team handles literally everything. We schedule the free inspection. We work with your sellers to determine which projects make the most sense based on their equity profile. And we handle all the contractors required for the job from start to finish. Neither you nor your clients will have to lift a finger.

Myth 4: My Listing Needs Fixing, Not Remodeling.

Some properties you’re charged with listing fall into another category, maybe distressed or in need of maintenance. And you might be thinking that a property like this, which needs far more than a basic remodel, is beyond the scope of work for the Listing Profit Remodeling team. Because these remodel projects are funded with the homeowner’s equity, there can be limits to what projects can be afforded. If a structure needs to be entirely rebuilt, there’s a chance it may not make sense to do so. However, if a new roof, a remediated basement, new windows throughout, or new flooring can make a difference, Listing Profit Remodeling can get it done.

Now that you better understand how the Listing Profit Remodeling program works, and with a few myths debunked, you can start leveraging the Equity Rescue Program as part of your plan. Contact our team for more information on how to refer your clients. We prove you can sell your listings quicker and for more money.