4 Time-Saving Tips for the Busiest Real Estate Agents

Let’s be honest. When it comes to being busy, life doesn’t get much more hectic than that of a real estate agent. You work nights and weekends when most people aren’t working. Your car is often your office, full of paperwork and branded yard signs. The calls come in ongoing, usually when you’re trying to eat dinner or enjoy time with family. And those calls always seem to feel like an emergency, even if they’re issues you’re used to solving in your sleep. At Listing Profit Remodeling, we get you. Our clients are homeowners looking to sell, but our relationships are with busy, entrepreneurial agents like you. And if you’re feeling the time crunch, here are some of the time-saving tips our agent partners suggest that help them make the most of every available minute.

1. Structure How Your Day Starts

How you start your day matters. It’s the foundation that will set the pace for the rest of the day’s events. And you know just how quickly the unexpected can pop up and take over your schedule. So, control your mornings with structure and calm to find that peace and clarity you’ll need to tackle whatever the day holds. Don’t rush to emails until you’ve had your coffee. Don’t hustle to return calls until you’ve had your workout or shower and feel ready to have conversations. Take your time and preserve those early starts to your day.

2. Time Blocking Is Essential for Productivity

Because a lot of your activity is reactive to ongoing client needs, you won’t always be able to schedule yourself. You can, however, practice the art of time blocking. Segment parts of your day, week, and month for work and personal time. Break up your day to have dedicated hours for emails, paperwork, and meetings. Block off Sunday afternoons for open houses. And once you determine your blocks of time, stick to them. Leave yourself unplanned time for those moments you have to react. But by adhering to a schedule you can keep, you will avoid burnout and frantic days.

3. Make Brilliant Use of Digital Tools and Automations

There are apps and software programs galore out there. But when you find and start using the right tools, it can be a game-changer for saving you time. Look at each potential CRM, automation, or app through a lens of what problem it can uniquely solve for you. Will it help you save minutes or hours? Can it eliminate tedious tasks like drafting emails? Ultimately, how much saving is needed to justify the investment into the tool? And in the end, making smart use of the right tools, including reminders, online schedulers, and templates, will help you make more money.

4. Sell Your Listings Faster

One way to save more time as a real estate agent is by selling your properties faster. And in most traditional listing scenarios, that can be a tall order, especially when homes need upgrades and repairs. But with Listing Profit Remodeling’s Equity Rescue Program, your sellers can make all the necessary updates and fixes immediately, without paying a dime until closing. Our solution allows homeowners to use the equity they already have built up to catch up on mortgage payments, replace roofs, and even to back full-home remodels. Since they don’t owe anything until the home sells, it’s a win-win. And for the listing agent, a renovated property sells much faster and for more money, making it a must-have solution in your toolbelt.

Let Listing Profit Remodeling help you save time in your busy schedule. Contact our expert team today and learn how it works so you can begin sharing the Equity Rescue Program with your sellers!