Selling Your Tampa Home? 5 Calls You Should Make Before Listing

You’re ready to sell your Tampa home. But either it’s been a while since you’ve bought or sold a house, or you’ve never done it before. And today’s housing market is vastly different and more competitive. The goal is obviously to sell quickly and for the most money possible. And to do that, these are the first few calls you need to make.

1. Find a Real Estate Agent

No matter how experienced or versed you think you are in real estate, today’s market calls for professional representation. You don’t want to try to list and sell your house on your own, especially if you’re not sure about online listings, scheduling walkthroughs, hosting open houses, or negotiating potential offers. Get a real estate agent partner now and begin your selling and buying journey with an expert who knows the market and has the best advice to offer.

2. Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

Consider calling a Certified Professional Inspector to have a pre-listing inspection. Any potential homebuyers will likely be doing their own inspection, so you can do one now to know what to expect. An inspection report will outline what areas of the home need to be addressed in terms of safety concerns or renovations. Loose railings, aging HVAC units, and water intrusion concerns can all be addressed before you put your house on the market. And when the buyers come through, you can always present the pre-listing report and list of repairs made to help seal the deal.

3. Handyperson Services

Depending on just how “handy” you are or aren’t, you might call a handyperson to come and tackle some of those smaller project fixes you couldn’t otherwise do yourself. With a pre-inspection report, you can create a list of quick fixes, like new outlet covers, replacement lighting, touch-up paint, or yard work. Clean the gutters and fix the jiggly knobs. One day with a qualified Tampa contractor could check off all your light to-do list fixes that might not be in your direct wheelhouse of expertise.

4. Consider Professional Cleaning

Before you want any potential homebuyers coming through to look at your home, you’ll want to clean. Start by decluttering and tidying up spaces. Clear off those countertops and dust the bookshelves. Another call you can make now is one to a professional cleaning service. Polishing floors, shampooing carpets, removing stains, eliminating odors, and deep cleaning can be necessary to make the best first impression. Once you’ve packed up the clutter and organized your things, bring in the team who can put a little elbow grease into the house cleaning effort.

5. Call Listing Profit Remodeling

If you don’t take away anything else from this read, hear this. Listing Profit Remodeling has the Equity Rescue Program, perfect for Tampa residents looking to sell. If you qualify, you can tap into the equity you already have in your home and make a whole list of remodels, renovations, and repairs without spending a dime until your house sells. Replace the roof, replace the HVAC system, remodel the kitchen entirely, or finish a basement without paying for anything until closing day. Imagine how much more you could get for your house if these fixes or remodels were done. And the best part, there’s no credit check required.

If you’re ready to sell your Tampa home, consider making these phone calls first. And definitely call Listing Profit Remodeling to explore your options with the Equity Rescue Program!