5 Home Listing Problems a Qualified General Contractor Can Solve

As a real estate agent, there’s not a lot you haven’t seen when it comes to listing property nightmares. And you do your best to influence your sellers on the best and most efficient ways to prepare their properties for market, regardless of the condition. But not all listings need major overhauls. In fact, there are some move-in-ready fixes that a qualified general contractor can handle. And these small fixes can have a big impact on the types of offers you get for your listings. 

1. Door Hardware Replacement

Sometimes all a house really needs is some new hardware to make a good impression. Fixing loose door knobs for interior doors that look worn can be light work for a contractor. Consider suggesting that your sellers choose something affordable yet modern and watch a room transform. Give a new look to a front door with an aesthetically complementary handle and deadbolt. With the right contractor and less than $100, you could help your listing be more appealing to buyers.

2. Loose Railing Corrections

A reputable contractor can come into any of your listings and fix a host of basic safety concerns. Loose railings, for example, will almost always be listed in a home inspection report. Replacing a railing or tightening it would be one less item on the negotiation list. You can have a contractor help with other minor safety risks, too, including broken hinges, non-working locks, or broken windows. These are all things that will be brought up with potential buyers. Having a contractor address them now will ensure smooth conversations when those buyers are ready to make an offer.

3. Replacing Light Fixtures

You know how important lighting is to the walkthrough experience. A qualified general contractor can make serious improvements if your listing has outdated or poor lighting. Talk to your sellers about updating ceiling fans or interior lighting to more modern designs. And at the very least, repair any fixtures that don’t work properly. In as little as one or two hours, the right contractor can transform the lighting in any home.

4. GFCI Outlets

Ground fault circuit interrupters are common callouts on an inspection report. They’re intended to prevent shock hazards wherever outlets are present near water sources, including in the kitchen or bathroom. While it was a generally accepted practice to not use GFCI protected outlets in years past, current standards and new construction recommend GFCI outlets be installed. Swapping out outlet units is an electrical job, but most seasoned general contractors can handle the task with no problem. It’s a great safety measure you can coach your sellers into exploring before listing their homes.

5. Paint Touch-Up Projects

Your sellers might not notice the chipping paint around the door frame or dings in the kitchen where dining chairs have taken a toll on the wall behind them. But you notice these details. And you know it’s little flaws like this that can undermine the impression of a space. A qualified general contractor won’t mind walking around and touching up those dings, chips, or other discolorations that take away from the look and feel of an area. And it’s not as costly as repainting an entire space, making it easier to convince your sellers to consider it.

6. The Equity Rescue Program Covers It All

From minor blemishes to major repairs and replacements, there’s one resource you should share with all your sellers. Instead of hiring a contractor, let Listing Profit Remodeling handle everything. And because the Equity Rescue Program is entirely based on your sellers’ current equity in their homes, no credit checks are needed, and not a dime is due until closing day. Imagine the remodeling, upgrades, and repairs your sellers could do to help them sell their properties faster and for more money!

Having a general contracting professional around to help with these small deficiencies can be great. But having the Equity Rescue Program on hand for all your listing renovation needs is an absolute game-changer. Contact our team to learn more and see how you can help your sellers get better offers, sell incredibly fast, and never pay a dime until closing!