5 Networking Partnerships Every Real Estate Agent Should Have

When you’re in real estate, you’re in the people business. As a real estate agent, success is entirely reliant upon your ability to build and develop relationships. Your homeowners looking to list with you need to trust you. New homebuyers need to believe you have the resources needed to help them find their dream homes. Your Realtor colleagues need to buy into your reputation as a savvy, top-producing agent.

So, who’s in your network? How much dedicated time are you investing each week to develop relationships and build your brand? You understand that networking with others is important to your success. But there are always new insights and suggestions about with whom you should be networking. We dove into the industry expert recommendations for you. Here are five networking relationships every real estate agent should be grooming.

1. Local Chambers of Commerce & Visitors’ Bureaus

When you’re in real estate, you need to make connections with your local Chambers of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureaus. New residents will often seek resources with those community groups before relocating. If they need help finding the home of their dreams, those groups should have plenty of your business cards on hand.

2. Know the Lenders in Your Market

You consider yourself to be an expert in your local market. So, when homeowners need help selling a home or buying a new one, you want to be the first person they call. Some of the best networking relationships you can be building involve your local lenders. Credit unions, local banks, and mortgage companies are typically the first stop people make when exploring their home buying options. Once approved, having a rapport with a lender agent could land you the Realtor referral.

3. Networking with Other Agents

Referral networks with other agents in other markets can be mutually beneficial. Sure, working with other agents in your own backyard might present with a little healthy competition. But you don’t have to share “trade secrets” to leverage these relationships. For newer agents, finding veterans to connect with can be a great resource. When your listing or buying clients come to you with a need you can’t handle in your market, having a network of agents in other markets allows you to continue to provide solutions. And the referral relationships work both ways.

4. Vendor Resources

Part of your job includes being an all-things resource for your clients. They might ask you for help finding a pest inspector, a moving company, or an electrician. While it’s not a requirement that you provide referrals, and there are some nuances to avoid when recommending contractors, you know that having the answers builds trust. Your ability to confidently make these referrals will depend on your network. So, as you create a networking plan for yourself, include relationship building with some of these real estate-related vendors.

5. Listing Profit Remodeling, the Ultimate Home Selling Partner

Another networking partnership and referral relationship to consider is one with us! Listing Profit Remodeling helps sellers leverage the existing equity in their home to remodel aspects of the property. In turn, the home sells for more money and much faster, without anyone paying a dime until closing day. If you want to keep an ace in your back pocket, keep the Listing Profit Remodeling team on speed dial.

Networking will ensure you continue to build trust and the necessary relationships to be the best agent you can be. And remember, Listing Profit Remodeling will make it possible for you to have that magic wand solution to selling more homes faster and for more money. Contact our team about how deferment works and to get the information you can share with your clients today!