6 Kitchen Remodel Trends to Look for in 2022

Real estate agents field some pretty common questions from clients. You might have a few inquiries in mind that you get ALL the time. One of the most popular questions home sellers ask is about remodeling trends. More specifically, they often ask what kitchen renovation trends might help their house sell faster and for more money. To help you prepare for this line of client questioning, we’ve put together the ultimate list of popular and trending kitchen remodel suggestions for 2022.

1. Vintage & Antique Looks Are Back

Kitchen design trends of the future will be focused on eliminating any notions of a show home. Instead, the goal is to create a warm, lived-in home environment. Antique and vintage pieces will help bring this kind of feeling to a kitchen. They will also help create a sense of history and tradition. Farmhouse style is especially appropriate for a retro kitchen. Old-fashioned kitchen furniture like a scrubbed kitchen table or dresser can be used to add a more authentic aesthetic.

2. Layered Lighting for the Right Mood

When designing kitchens, the use of the “layering technique” will be important in the future. Lighting is used differently in a kitchen than in a room designed for a certain purpose. For example, it is important to light certain workspaces well, including over a prep area or the sink. But it’s also critical to know that too many downlights in a kitchen can make the ceiling look like an airport landing strip. Instead, the expert designers suggest incorporating layered lighting into the kitchen remodel. Grouping multiple pendants in precise areas, for example, can add dramatic lighting to the space overall.

3. Get Rid of the Cabinet Knobs for a Whole New Kitchen

The new kitchens of 2022 won’t have lots of cabinet knobs and pulls. Flat-front cabinets will further simplify the kitchen design and are quickly becoming a popular kitchen remodel trend. Having cabinets without handles will allow the cabinets to stand on their own. An attractive, minimalist wood grain will make a design truly beautiful.

4. Hide the Appliances

Your home selling clients might be asking about whether or not they need to upgrade their appliances before selling. You can advise them on some of the latest trends, including the popular layout that keeps the appliances hidden. Designers are mixing materials these days, including woods and metals, and creating spaces where these surfaces can complement each other in a clean way. The hidden appliances are trending to better showcase these contrasting materials and include cabinet-covered refrigerators and dishwashers.

5. The Statement Island Is a Staple of Any Kitchen Remodel

Another kitchen remodel trend real estate agents should know about is the statement island. Installing an island can dramatically change the look and function of a kitchen. But making it a statement island means using contrasting materials, vibrantly different colors, and conversation-starter pendant lights to make it pop. If the space allows, double islands are increasingly popular as well and tend to generate serious buzz when guests encounter them.

6. Bold Colors Are Back

Some of your clients’ kitchens might look and feel like grandma’s kitchen from 20 years ago. Farmhouse blues and complimentary cream colors were all the rage back then. But today’s kitchens are drastically changing in color. Bold is back, and the top designers are intentionally choosing from opposite ends of the color wheel for more drastic contrasts. And considering the incredibly wide variety of colors and styles for cabinets, appliances, backsplashes, and trims, it’s easy to bring a tired old space to life.

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