6 Reasons to Partner with Listing Profit Remodeling for Every Home Listing

There are a host of benefits real estate agents enjoy when partnering with Listing Profit Remodeling. And they’re big-ticket advantages, too, like better offers and significant returns. In looking at all of your current home listings, there’s probably not a seller you can’t help with the Equity Rescue Program. But if you need even more reasons to work with us, this is the added-value list you need to see.

1. The Equity Rescue Program Doesn’t Require a Credit Check

The Equity Rescue Program doesn’t operate like a loan, with credit checks or collateral requirements. Instead, remodels and needed property renovations can be made using the seller’s home equity to defer those costs until closing. And by the time they reach closing, now with a freshly remodeled listing, they’ll be in a position to cover the costs and still walk away ahead. Leveraging the home equity can also help those homeowners who might have less-than-stellar credit get caught up on late mortgage payments, in addition to making necessary, move-in-ready repairs.

2. Realtors and Sellers Enjoy Better Offers

Partnering with Listing Profit Remodeling is an advantage for every home listing because properties just get better offers. Selling those listings for more will ensure happy sellers and bigger commissions for real estate agents. Here are a few examples of past home listings that sold for significantly higher prices, netting both agents and sellers.

The Alexandria, Virginia House

  • Before Remodel Asking Price $356,000
  • Renovation Deferred Cost $21,000
  • Final Sale Price $421,000
  • Net Profit $27,000

The Woodbridge, Virginia House

  • Before Remodel Asking Price $195,000
  • Renovation Deferred Cost $57,000
  • Final Sale Price $330,000
  • Net Profit $78,000

3. Home Listings Just Sell Faster

Another big reason real estate agents appreciate working with Listing Profit Remodeling for every home listing is just how quickly the remodeled property sells. In many of our projects, offers begin rolling in within the first week of being on the market. And some of our renovated properties sold for much higher prices within just a few days of listing.

4. Zero-Down Remodeling Makes It Easy

Realtors often recommend to their sellers to make certain repairs and upgrades to prepare a house for listing. And the most common objection agents hear is there is a lack of funds and time to hire contractors, pay for materials, and handle projects. A Listing Profit Remodeling partnership means these essential upgrades can happen with zero money down, hassle-free project management, and incredibly efficient timelines.

5. Move-In Ready Matters

Even if you have a home listing that doesn’t require major upgrades, like roof replacement, flooring, or kitchen remodels, there is still room for move-in-ready improvements. Working with Listing Profit Remodeling means getting a home inspection to help itemize potential updates small and large, from safety to operational components. And the Equity Rescue Program can be used to replace a railing, a water heater, or exterior lighting. And move-in ready matters, for quicker sales and better offers, even if the improvements are smaller or cosmetic.

6. Every Home Listing Should Be Profitable

Probably the biggest benefit of working with Listing Profit Remodeling for every home listing is the drive to make every listing a profitable transaction. Realtors have portfolios of properties on the market, and there are likely some that are just harder to sell because of poor conditions or outdated layouts. The Equity Rescue Program can help qualified homeowners leverage their existing home equity and bring profit to every property sale, even those on your “harder to sell” roster.

If you’re new to the Equity Rescue Program, contact our team to learn more! We can walk you through the seamless process of qualifying your sellers and initiating remodel projects. You’ll be selling more properties faster and for more money, putting more money in your pocket and your sellers’.