6 Small Improvements that Make a Big Difference on Home Value

As a trusted real estate professional, you can’t always convince your sellers to make significant investments into a property they plan to sell. But you also know that making structural, cosmetic, and aesthetic upgrades can make a big difference in how quickly you sell the home and for how much. Today, we’ll help by offering some small improvement ideas that make a big difference.

Fresh Coats of Paint Can Make the World of Difference

Painting projects can get costly. But some home improvement painting can be quite affordable and can have a significant return on the investment. Touching up the exterior window trim or tackling a bedroom interior wall can help make a great first impression on potential buyers. Any surfaces that look chipped, worn, or tired can breathe new life with a little paint. And it’s typically best to steer clear of vibrant and bold colors. Stick with neutral tones that brighten and make spaces feel bigger than they are.

The Front Door Is Your First Impression

As a Realtor, you also know the importance of curb appeal. And if it’s a good first impression you’re looking to make, sometimes a new front door is all you need to do the trick. Talk to your sellers about sprucing up the front entryway with a new door install and porch makeover. They won’t have trouble finding a replacement within their budget either, since new doors can range in cost from $200 to $5,000.

Change the Hardware

If you don’t have the timeline or budget to affect a full kitchen remodel, you can often change the entire look of the space with an upgrade of all the hardware. New knobs, handles, drawer pulls are cheap to buy. And they can make a kitchen or bathroom feel updated and fresh.

Find an Area Rug

Your sellers may not be interested in finishing the basement or repurposing that extra room. So, if you need to dress up an area to help potential buyers visualize a finished space, a nice area rug can do wonders. Look for a piece that brightens a space without bizarre patterns or colors. And rugs can be affordable for any budget.

Fixing the Deal-Breakers

You know there are some home maintenance projects that tend to be deal-breakers more than others. And a pre-listing home inspection can help your sellers understand what issues need to be addressed. If they can’t or aren’t interested in fixing everything, you can point to the few more affordable fixes that can ensure a quicker sale. A new garage door, re-staining the deck or replacing a malfunctioning dishwasher can all be on this list.

The Listing Profit Remodeling Solution for Any Sized Home Value Improvement

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