6 Ways to Get More Listings That Sell

When the housing market is as hot as it is right now, there are typically low inventory levels. As a real estate professional, you’re likely on the hunt for more listings yourself. So, how do today’s agents keep their listing rosters full?

If you need fresh ideas to help drum up additional listings, keep reading. These days you need an edge and plan to fully leverage the hot housing market. Tapping into these suggestions will ensure you continue to ride the current housing wave of success.

1. Reconnecting with Past Clients

Don’t be afraid to revisit and go back through your client lists. Now is the perfect time to send that email or make a call to say, “it’s been a while.” Get more listings by working the relationships you already built. And you might find a few clients who are ready to take advantage of a hot seller’s market. Worst case scenario, you might be able to ask for referrals from those clients who know someone considering a move.

2. FSBO Hunting

You’ve chased a few For Sale By Owner properties before. And maybe it wasn’t successful for you then. However, today’s market warrants revisiting those FSBO opportunities. And it could even be worth your while to incorporate a FSBO cold calling day into your routine. Lots of homeowners are dabbling in the real estate waters right now, without guidance. If it’s a great offer and quick sale they want, you can help them achieve those goals. Keep an eye on your community and make sure every FSBO you see knows your name and has your card.

3. Keep Up with Community News

The good, old-fashioned newspaper, or the digital version anyway, can be a great way to identify potential listing opportunities. Property tax delinquencies and inherited properties tend to make the local news, even in smaller communities. And as taboo as it might sound, the recently divorced may also be in need of a real estate agent soon. Finding those opportunities will mean knowing precisely where to leave your card, send your email, or target your marketing messages to get more listings.

4. Looking for Vacant Properties

Keep your feelers out there for potential listing opportunities with vacant properties. Real estate investors are just as eager to take advantage of a hot real estate market and may be interested in additional rental properties to add to their portfolios. House flipping is a trend at the consumer level, too, with every DIY project tutorial available online these days. So don’t be afraid of those as-is and vacant homes. And those who own them will be delighted to sell.

5. Get Comfortable with Facebook Live & YouTube

The projections for 2022 suggest that roughly 82% of all internet browsing and posting traffic will be video-based. Add to that the metrics that say 90% of consumers admit to finding new brands and products on YouTube. Put that data to work for your benefit and get more listings by using YouTube pre-roll video ads.

Some of the savviest real estate agents are also making smart use of Facebook Live features to get more listings. Consider creating short videos every month that highlight what’s happening in your community’s real estate market. You can mention notable sales for the past month or feature new listings. Either channel can be great for creating excitement about selling right now. And you’ll be positioned as the perfect agent for the listing.

6. Converting Those on the Fence

You might have contacts and client relationships already with people who are still hesitant to move forward with selling. Keep those warm leads as a top priority and connect with them regularly with success stories of other offers in the neighborhood. You can suggest Listing Profit Remodeling, too, as a great partner for making those home renovations, no money down, to get the best selling price. Since our program doesn’t require payment until closing, your clients might be persuaded to take the next step in listing their home for sale.

If you’re looking for new ways to get more listings right now, try some of these suggestions. And for any of your listings that might benefit from a remodel before selling, let Listing Profit Remodeling help!