6 Ways to Get Top Dollar for Your House in Washington D.C.

If you’re getting ready to sell your Washington D.C. home, you know you’re in for a lengthy process. Selling a property can be just as complicated as buying one. And you might be tackling both right now. What you need is a sure-fire list of ways to get the most money for your existing property, so you can come out ahead and make a smooth transition. Today, we’ll provide Washington D.C. sellers like you the tips needed to secure top-dollar offers.

Be Aggressive When Pricing Your Washington D.C. Home

If you don’t price your home to sell the right way, you could leave money on the table or miss out on potential buyers because you’re too high. Spending some time reviewing neighborhood houses is a very simple yet effective method of pricing your home aggressively. Remember, as you do, to put yourself in the homebuyer’s shoes. Be honest with yourself about what amenities or potential setbacks your home has, as well. What price will position your property as the greatest value proposition for homebuyers in your market?

Hire a Top-Producing Listing Agent

Not all listing agents are created equal. And now is not the time to work with a rookie or your brother’s friend’s cousin who might cut you a deal. Instead, take the time and steps to research the market, talk to anyone who’s recently sold a house about who they recommend, and interview several agents before making a hiring decision. Furthermore, make sure you’ve reached an agreement about a detailed, written marketing strategy before signing a long-term listing contract.

Consider Offering Incentives

A potential homebuyer who has narrowed down their search to two or three top listing choices might need a nudge to get them moving. Many sellers sometimes offer incentives, like covering closing costs and home inspection fees. If you’re looking to sell your Washington D.C. home in today’s housing market, it’s these incentives that might move the needle quicker.

Get a Pre-Listing Inspection

It’s not uncommon for homebuyers to schedule a home inspection before they commit to the purchase. You could get a jump on things and consider doing a pre-listing inspection. You can then address any repairs before putting your house on the market. And you’ll be able to show prospective buyers that you’ve already addressed an inspector’s highlighted areas of concern.

Curb Appeal and Staging Efforts

Curb appeal and staging efforts need to be at the top of your list if getting top dollar for your home quickly matters. You don’t have to regrade the entire yard. Instead, clean up flower beds, cut down low-hanging branches, and hang a few flowering baskets on your porch. Clean the interior of your home. And stage each room in such a way that first-time visitors feel welcome, at home and can envision themselves living in the space.

Let Listing Profit Remodeling Help

If you want top dollar for your Washington D.C. home, you should consider exploring the Equity Rescue Program with Listing Profit Remodeling. By leveraging the existing equity, you already have, we can help schedule and manage all the remodels and repairs needed to make your property move-in ready and appealing to eager buyers. Sell your home faster and get those top-dollar offers without spending a dime until closing.

To learn more about the Equity Rescue Program, connect with one of our professionals today! We help countless Washington D.C. residents sell their homes quickly and can ensure you get top dollar for yours, too.