6 Ways to Improve Your Listing’s Curb Appeal
Ways to Improve Your Listing's Curb Appeal

As a professional real estate agent, you know the importance curb appeal has on making those critical first impressions with buyers. And you can try to convince your sellers to make small improvements that will make a big difference to those who come for a tour or a walkthrough. But if you’re looking to get creative about what improvements actually translate to results in the form of bigger and faster offers, keep reading. Here are several ways to improve your listing’s curb appeal and make an incredible first impression.

1. Focus on the Front Door

Ok, so this isn’t a new technique, but there are new ways to go about sprucing up the ever-important front door. The front door is the absolute focal point and the first place anyone will naturally look, so a fresh painting or bright color can make a huge difference on the overall aesthetics of a home. Sometimes all a door needs is new hardware to take on a new look. A decorative wreath or welcome sign can be especially welcoming. Don’t forget the clean and inviting door mat, too.

2. Mulch Matters

You don’t have to convince your sellers to get full HGTV on the landscaping, but some basics will require tending. One incredible shortcut that adds tons of class to a space without too much work or budget is mulch. At $5-$10 a bag, mulch is an affordable way to take care of unsightly weeds in a flower bed or to draw attention to mature trees in the yard. It can dress up curb appeal in a big way without breaking the bank.

3. Window Boxes & Hanging Baskets

Whether there are $1 petunias in a window box or a healthy $25 fern hanging on a front porch, flowers and plants add character and charm immediately to a home’s first impression. With so many options now for pre-potted and pre-arranged plants available, your sellers can bring color and warmth to the front steps, along the sidewalk, or to brighten a porch space.

4. Exterior Lighting Improves Curb Appeal

When you’re taking pictures of your listing, consider taking a few dusk shots with yard lighting. Solar panels along a flower bed or walkway will make even an unmanicured space look welcoming. Pillar lamp posts and front porch lighting should also be in good working order, with newer or clean fixtures. Well-lit areas imply safety, and it also sends a message to potential buyers that the sellers care enough to replace bulbs and keep the curb appeal pleasant.

5. Keep the Lawn Mowed

If you don’t impress anything else upon your sellers, make them aware of the importance of keeping up with general lawn mowing and maintenance. During the listing process, countless people will drive by to take a look. Others will want tours and walkthroughs. The front yard should always be as immaculate as possible for the best curb appeal impressions. If the driveway is in the front, make sure it’s free of weeds and debris, as well. Even a fixer-upper property can look appealing when it’s mowed and has a well-kept yard.

6. Removing Dead or Dying Elements

If there are struggling trees or bushes, or even some that didn’t make it through the winter, have your sellers remove them. Any plants or shrubs that appear dead can make a poor first impression with buyers. Trim dead branches, too. Even if your sellers can’t get replacement bushes or shrubs, having an uneven space will be less of a turn-off than dead plants.

Consider these tips and suggestions to improve your curb appeal efforts with your sellers. And don’t forget, Listing Profit Remodeling can help them handle these and major remodels now, without a dime until closing. Ask us how today!