Cavalier Woods

Executive Summary:

This case study involves a Cavalier Woods property in Clifton, VA, a homeowner in debt, a property in need of renovation, and Listing Profit Remodeling to help.


In this client example, Listing Profit Remodeling was honored to step in and help a disabled veteran. This homeowner was in danger of losing his home to foreclosure.

Case Evaluation & Proposed Solution:

The Listing Profit Remodeling Equity Rescue Program was an ideal solution. This homeowner, despite his mortgage payment being in arrears, did have substantial equity in his home. In his financially challenged state, leveraging his home equity made perfect sense. He could remedy his situation without paying a dime until closing.


Listing Profit Remodeling was able to help. This disabled veteran tapped into his existing home equity and was able to catch up with nine months of past-due mortgage payments. Additionally, he was able to finance $139,000 worth of home renovations. Putting his home on the market, he was able to net proceeds of over $81,000.


Cavalier Woods, Clifton VA

Price Before Remodel


Sold Price


Days On Market




Net Profit