Everything You Need to Know About Offering Real Estate Concierge Services

Today’s homebuying and home-selling consumers demand convenience and efficiency. They expect top-notch customer service, too. And these expectations can make it challenging for a real estate professional to stand out from the competition as the best agent. It’s this reason so many agents are now turning to real estate concierge services as pillars of their business models.

You’re likely familiar with how a concierge service works when you’re planning a vacation. And in the real estate market, concierge service operates much the same way. If you’re looking for a way to differentiate yourself from the pack, here’s everything you need to know about the many benefits of adopting real estate concierge services for yourself.

How Sellers Benefit from Real Estate Concierge Services

As a real estate agent, you’ll advise your clients about suggested property repairs and maintenance. But the real estate concierge service goes beyond making that official to-do list. A concierge service helps sellers by coordinating all the vendors needed to complete the work, from HVAC technicians to cleaning services. The concierge can help, too, with arranging the pre-listing home inspection to get an official report of what safety, structural, and operational areas need to be addressed. When the real estate agent can help relieve the client of these added tasks, he or she can differentiate in a big way from traditional listing services.

How Buyers Benefit from Real Estate Concierge Services

Homebuyers can benefit from added real estate concierge services, as well. Whether your clients are interested in new construction or existing properties, part of the concierge offering might help by providing above-and-beyond information about builder options, area HOA communities, and vetted contractors who might be needed before moving into the home. Real estate concierge service also helps buyers acclimate to their new communities with access to local school information, social activities, and new resident resources.

Make Moving Easier

Real estate concierge services can also play a pivotal part in easing the emotional side of buying and selling a home. Many people feel stressed when moving. The complex real estate transaction itself isn’t all they have to worry about right now. Their worries and concerns often extend beyond the newness of a fresh start, too. Along with the excitement and anticipation of new beginnings, many people also carry the emotional baggage of loss, anxiety, and fear. In addition to empathy and understanding, a real estate concierge can provide solutions for some of the burdening extra steps associated with moving. Concierge services can also offer the resources to anticipate, alleviate, and avoid potential problems in the process. From assistance with moving companies to storage facilities and clean-out services, a concierge can take those added emotional stresses out of the moving equation.

Get Listings Move-In Ready

It’s no secret that move-in-ready homes just sell faster and for more money. Part of adopting a real estate concierge service means providing ways to close those gaps between fixer-uppers and move-in-ready conditions. Listing Profit Remodeling is a great partner for concierge services in the real estate market because our program allows homeowners to tap into existing home equity to fund necessary remodels and renovations. And since they don’t pay for those projects until closing, no money has to change hands upfront.

Today’s real estate professionals are competing in a fierce market. One of the latest trends to help agents differentiate is the adoption of real estate concierge services. Consider these many benefits as reasons for changing your strategy. And keep Listing Profit Remodeling on hand to ensure everything listing sells quicker and for more money!