How a Bathroom Renovation Can Sell Your Washington D.C. Listing Faster

Over the course of your experienced real estate career, you’ve likely had instances in which you took prospective buyers into a listing, only to hear, “oh, that’s a small bathroom.” And how many times have you escorted clients into a finished basement that didn’t have a bathroom, nixing the deal?

Bathrooms matter to homebuyers, no matter how you slice it. They’ll have requirements in mind for the number of bathrooms they need in a new home. And they won’t want to take on bathroom remodel projects any more than your sellers will. It’s important to know, however, there are a few reasons behind how a simple bathroom remodel can translate to quicker sales. If you have Washington D.C. properties, bathroom remodels could be the key to selling them faster. And it’s worth having the conversation with your sellers about renovating before putting the home on the market. 

Bathroom Remodels Can Increase the Home’s Value

Bathroom remodels will not only refresh the space, but they’ll also increase the value of your home. Having brand-new updates to promote will help attract potential buyers. And renovations don’t have to be huge to be effective. Even smaller remodel efforts, like replacing sink fixtures, recaulking a tub, or replacing the toilet, can increase value by 2-3%, according to Consumer Reports.

Current ROI Averages on Bathroom Remodels

USA Bath says the national average rate of return on a bathroom remodel is 70.1%. Most datasets suggest homeowners can spend $20,000 on what is considered to be a midrange bathroom renovation. Upscale bathroom upgrades can cost upwards of $64,000. But when homeowners can recoup those costs in quicker home sales and better offers, it makes investing in these remodels worth considering. And the National Association of Remodeling Industry says a properly executed bathroom renovation presents “overwhelming benefits” in pre-listing scenarios.

Convincing Your Washington D.C. Sellers to Remodel a Bathroom

As a listing agent, you know how important bathrooms are to potential buyers. They can be deal-breakers if a property doesn’t have the right number of bathrooms or certain features. And in general, homeowners know how complex, time-consuming, and costly a bathroom renovation can be. So, they’d rather find a home to buy that won’t require them to take on a remodel project.

In talking with your sellers, remind them of these points. It’s ok to make improvements, as previously mentioned, on some of the smaller things that make a big difference. And it’s always best to make any repairs to sinks, showers, and toilets, even if you can’t renovate. But it’s in everyone’s best interest and always a good idea to at least mention how significant it could be to impact offers if your sellers could remodel a bathroom. Convincing your sellers of the inherent benefits of doing what they can afford to do now will improve your timeline to sell.

How Listing Profit Remodeling Makes Bathroom Renovations Easy for Your Sellers

If your sellers aren’t sure they want to spend the money now to remodel a bathroom before listing or can’t afford to do so, you still have an ace in your pocket. The Listing Profit Remodeling Equity Rescue Program offers the perfect solution. We’ll handle the inspection, the contractors, and the projects. Your sellers won’t have to pay a dime until closing, either. And even those who have less-than-stellar credit can qualify by leveraging their existing equity in the home to get it done. With a fully renovated bathroom or a second bathroom remodeled into the property will make a huge difference in how you market and show the property. You and your sellers will both appreciate the bigger offers and super-fast sales, too.

Bathroom remodels before putting the listing on the market can be a win-win for everyone. And Listing Profit Remodeling makes it easy. Contact our team and get your Equity Rescue Program information pack. Share these renovation options with your clients, and let us handle the bathroom remodels.