How Agents Can Grow Their Presence Online

How much more of your real estate business is entirely digital? From communications to virtual showings, there is so much more that can be done online these days. And the more you’re able to handle digitally, the less physical work and task management you’ll have to juggle. While you’re likely confident in all the online tools you’re currently using, here are a few tips to inspire insights to help you continue to grow your presence online as well as find new buyers and sellers ongoing.

Putting Your Website to Work

Having a website isn’t good enough these days. And pretty websites aren’t going to do much for you either. What you need is a working website that keeps engaging and reaching even when you’re not working. People will be looking at houses and asking listing questions at all hours of the day. Your website is the door to your business and should be ready to answer and engage them at all times. Make sure your website is:

  • User-friendly and nice to navigate
  • Loaded with videos of walkthroughs and self-guided tutorials about real estate
  • Prepped with “frequently asked questions” and easy to understand answers
  • Sprinkled with testimonials from satisfied buyers and sellers you’ve represented
  • Up to date with your best contact information and hours of availability
  • Connected to MLS, the listing sites, and your social media profiles

Since 95% of interested buyers turn to the web first when looking to buy or sell, you’ll need to make sure your website is ready to help them through their process.

Social Media Sells Houses

You probably have a visible Facebook page for your real estate business, and maybe even Instagram and Twitter. But are you part of the 44% of agents who said they landed new clients last year because of social media? Are you among the 82% of agents who feel social media has grown their business? Social media presence matters, and being available in a friendly yet knowledgeable way is what sells houses today. Many of today’s most successful agents are also tapping into new tools designed to help leverage social engagements using videos, like video makers like Animoto. These resources are making it possible to reach broader audiences without the lofty ad spend, too.

Here are some social tips for growing your online presence:

  • Choose only those social platforms you can routinely keep up with consistently
  • Avoid being over-salesy all the time
  • Offer real estate market tips and suggestions
  • Share properties you have listed
  • Share success stories and client testimonials 

Don’t Hate the Big Sites; Join Them!

You may have an opinion about the validity of the big sites, like Zillow and Trulia. But the trust is, there is an opportunity with all of them for a real estate agent. Listing your properties on all of them won’t just help you showcase those properties you represent. But they’re also great resources for agents to connect with individuals who haven’t chosen an agent partner yet. With thousands of local views and interactions every day, you can’t beat the big sites, but you can certainly join them and ride the wave.

Get Yourself a Content Strategy

Right now, the real estate market is hectic. You’re busy and aren’t in any danger of running short of online content to share these days with so many listings. But it’s best to carve out an official content strategy for yourself, with a calendar and topics of interest you can explore with online engagement. From monthly blogs and newsletters to weekly real estate tips, schedule an outline of what you’d like to discuss with prospective buyers and sellers ongoing. As a result, you’ll never run out of ideas for posting, emailing, or sharing, even when the market settles down.

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