How the Equity Rescue Program Can Work for You

Top-performing real estate agents are always on the hunt for a competitive edge. You’re often looking for new and improved ways to get more listings, sell properties faster, and receive better offers. Very rarely is there one solution that can help you do all three. That is until the Equity Rescue Program came along. Listing Profit Remodeling is changing the industry with a program designed to help sellers renovate their homes before selling. And the result is homes sell faster and for more money, making it a win for everyone. If the Equity Rescue Program is new to you, keep reading. Here’s how you, as a real estate professional, can leverage the many benefits of this revolutionary program.

Improve Your Listings

How often do you encounter a listing that you know is just going to be a tough sell? Maybe it’s been vacant for years or has a laundry list of maintenance and repairs to address. Your sellers may not have the expendable cash needed to replace a roof or remodel a kitchen either. With the Equity Rescue Program, those sellers can tap into the existing equity in their homes to make all the necessary renovations. They don’t pay a dime until closing and don’t lift a finger in coordinating contractors. The Listing Profit Remodeling team handles everything, making the property move-in ready and more marketable.

Sell Your Properties Faster

On average, those homes with renovations as part of the Equity Rescue Program will spend less than a week on the market before officially selling. In some cases, listings started receiving offers within one day of being on the market. If you could sell your listings faster every time, you could be getting paid quicker and freeing up your schedule to take on more clients. Your sellers are thrilled with the quick turnaround time, too, making it a win-win every time.

Get Better Offers

If you could provide a solution for your sellers to completely remodel a bathroom or kitchen, replace the flooring, or update the landscaping, without them paying for any of these efforts until closing, would you do it? Yes! Because you know that updated and renovated listings are more marketable and fetch far better offers than those sold as-is. Remember, 90% of homebuyers want to move into a new space that requires NO renovations whatsoever. And they’ll pay more for it, too.

Build a Winning Reputation

When you start offering the Equity Rescue Program as a solution for your listing clients, you’ll effectively be able to sell faster and for more money. After a few of those experiences, you’ll soon be building a winning reputation in your market. It’s that reputation that will help you grow your business, secure even more clients, and build a real estate legacy as a top-producing agent.

How the Equity Rescue Program Works

The process is easy, and neither you nor your sellers have to do anything in coordinating contractors or managing the details. Listing Profit Remodeling makes the qualification and renovation processes easy for everyone, from the first application to the closing table.

  1. Schedule an Inspection
  2. Review the Program Proposal and Agreement
  3. Material Selections
  4. Remodel the Home
  5. Sell Fast for Maximum Profits

Every listing you have as a Realtor should be profitable. The Equity Rescue Program can make it possible. If you have some listings in mind right now that might require a little maintenance or could benefit from remodeling, talk to your sellers about Listing Profit Remodeling. Contact the LPR team today and start putting the Equity Rescue Program to work for you!