Just Get Your Real Estate License? 6 Steps You Need to Take Next to Get Listings

Congratulations! You’ve just secured your real estate license. Now comes the challenging part – building your business, establishing your brand reputation, and getting listings. So, where do you start? Are there critical mistakes to avoid when you’re first embarking on your professional real estate journey? There’s a lot to know. But here are a few great pointers you can follow for inspiration and even take to the bank.

1. Networking with Other Realtors

Whether you’re affiliated with a large realty group or starting your own firm, it’s always a great first step to get busy networking. Connect with real estate agent colleagues to ask how they began their journeys. Share your goals with other professionals and be a willing spirit to provide leads just as you would be grateful to receive them. Consider joining local and regional associations, chambers of commerce, or business networking groups. Make friends wherever you go, and don’t forget to mention that you’re on the hunt for new listings.

2. Announce Your New Career with Friends & Family

Don’t forget to tell your inner circle about your recent achievement. Now that you have your license, you want friends and family to know. They can be your biggest supporters and greatest source of referrals. Encourage them to continue liking and sharing your posts online or pass out your cards. Get them just as excited about your new career venture as you are, and they’ll become ambassadors for your success.

3. Be Liberal About Handing Out Business Cards

Keep your professional business cards handy at all times. You never know when you’ll run into a real estate conversation where a referral or new listing is possible. The best agents know that being available at the right time is key to getting more listings. Maybe it’s a conversation with a bank teller or cashier. Or perhaps you find yourself in a conversation about someone who’s only toying around with the prospect of listing their home. Don’t be afraid to connect with local lenders, too, to exchange cards since they might need to refer clients to local real estate professionals after they’ve secured their mortgage financing.

4. Stop By ‘For Sale By Owner’ Properties

If you really want to get your hustle on, you can hop in the car and go for a drive. When you come across yard signs with FSBO, you can knock on some doors and offer your cards. While you might not score the listing right away, inexperienced homeowners might call you later when they realize they need help selling their properties.

5. Become a Real Estate Expert Online

Today’s conversations take place almost entirely online. It’s imperative that you explore developing an online presence as a real estate expert. It can start with professional social media profiles and routine posts about the local market. Offer tips and suggestions for new home buyers and anyone looking to sell. From there, you can join online community groups and share your expertise with dedicated audiences. And you can tie in your MLS listings everywhere you find yourself online.

6. Concierge Services Are Game-Changers

Today’s successful agents are offering more than just basic transactional services. They’re going above and beyond to help their buyers and sellers with everything from arranging inspections, finding moving companies, and exploring renovation options. Working with Listing Profit Remodeling, for example, is a great added-value resource for your sellers. And with our Equity Rescue Program, your sellers can make all the improvements they need to sell their homes faster and for far more money. Working with LPR will soon help build your reputation as THE agent professional to work with in your area.

Again, congratulations on your new career endeavor. Some of these tips might help you create a plan for getting your first listings. And don’t forget to keep Listing Profit Remodeling in your back pocket for any properties that need to be updated without payment until closing!