Who Has Time to Paint Before Listing?

You want to sell your home and move, but you have paint peeling on the exterior that your agent says may be an eyesore. Or maybe your home’s exterior looks fine, but a few interior rooms of the house appear worn, faded or chipped. If you had the extra time and money, you might try to paint before you sell. But let’s be honest. Who really has time for major paint projects?

Can Fresh Paint Return Higher Offers?

Both interior and exterior painting projects offer a significant return on investment (ROI), as much as 107% ROI for interior improvements and 55% returns for exterior painting upgrades. Would you want the opportunity to get an extra $4,000 or $10,000 without having to do all that painting yourself?

We Can Help

Let Listing Profit Remodeling handle the paint projects for you and help sell your home faster than ever before. By taking care of everything from hiring contractors to baseboards and popcorn ceilings, we’ll ensure that buyers see what they want when they walk up to the property. And the best aspect of our pre-listing remodel program is you won’t have to spend a dime or lift a finger until closing time.

Learn how the Equity Rescue Program, remodel now, pay at closing model can work for you!