Realtor How Today’s Agents Are Getting More Listings

It’s still a competitive real estate market in nearly every corner of the country. Agents like you are always on the hunt for new ways to secure more listings and keep that momentum rolling, too. To keep your roster full ongoing, there are some tips the most successful agents say are the best ways to get more listings in today’s housing market.

Combining Old School and New School Strategies

There’s a lot of talk about digital outreach these days. And it’s true, your buyers and sellers are taking their first real estate journey steps online. But the most successful agents will tell you that the old school methods can be just as effective in landing more listings. It’s the hybrid adoption of both strategies that is proving to be the most advantageous.

Old School Methods:

  • Direct Mail
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Special Events
  • Door Knocking

New School Methods:

  • Paid Ads Online
  • Social Media Promotions
  • SEO
  • Digital Newsletters or Email Blasts
  • Online Collaboration with Other Brands

Cold Calling Expired Listings

Cold calling expired listings isn’t always an easy method for attracting new clients. It is, however, advantageous because you know these folks are already interested in selling. Prepare some call scripts and spend a day calling those potential sellers, positioning yourself as the expert who can help them get their houses sold.

Tapping into the Rental Property Community

Many real estate agents are exploring new listing leads within the rental community. You can be reaching out to two very different audiences for more business. There are property investors who are looking to grow or downsize their portfolios. And they rely on trusted relationships with local agents who can keep them in the loop on the very latest market trends. But you can also be targeting those who rent. Tenants who are ready for homeownership are a great audience for Realtors to be targeting for ongoing customers.

Networking with Other Agents

Yes, other agents are competing for listings. But in today’s economy and ever-changing market, developing strategic relationships with other professionals is proving to offer more benefits than competition. Look for agents you can network with within your market and beyond. Together, you can share insights, exchange referrals, and work together to secure more listings and sell more properties.

Work Those Referrals

When you have one incredible client experience, build on it. Today’s most successful agents will tell you that developing and maintaining relationships with clients even after closing is a great way to tap into referrals. Be open about telling past clients that you’re looking for more listings so they know who to refer when they are asked for recommendations. In addition to past clients, get back out there and mingle within your community at business after hours, chamber events, and community get-togethers. Hand out your business cards liberally and ask for referrals with every handshake.

Boost Your Online Presence

Anyone who’s thinking about selling will first start with a few online searches. They’ll want to see what other homes in their neighborhood are going for these days. They’ll look for tutorials on what to do first and how to go about selling their home for the most money. During those searches, they should be encountering your advertising, your name, or your firm’s brand. Get more listings by increasing your online presence with well-placed Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Be a prominent voice in social media groups pertaining to your local market. Be where those sellers can see you, and you’ll be more apt to get the call.

Consider these suggestions as you continue your quest to get more listings. And as your secret weapon, you can always rely on Listing Profit Remodeling to help. Our Equity Rescue Program allows sellers to make repairs and explore home renovations without paying a dime until closing. It’s a solution that translates to homes that sell faster and for more money every time! Contact the LPR team to see how we can help your sellers and, in turn, provide you with the solution you need to get more listings.