The Ultimate Listing Checklist for Realtors

Whether you’re a brand-new real estate agent or a seasoned professional, you know the importance of being prepared. And in today’s hot real estate market, having a listing checklist is paramount. Even if you already have a packet you provide to home-selling clients, it might be beneficial to have a refresher of what to include and reminders for what you can do to prepare for a great listing experience. Today, we’ll share the ultimate roster of things to have on your listing agent checklist, so you can get those listings ready for market and sell them more quickly.

What Elements Should Be in Your Listing Packet?

Every great listing packet includes a few key elements. Each of these is intended to provide helpful information to your home-selling clients. These will also set the most realistic expectations for them about the process, how you work, and what action steps need to be taken to ensure a great listing experience.

  • Local Market Statistics
  • Your Professional Profile and Examples
  • A Step-By-Step Guide from Listing to Sale
  • Your Intended Home Marketing Strategy
  • FAQ Sections

The Realtor To-Do List to Prepare for Showings

In addition to preparing your sellers, you’ll want to set yourself up for success, too. In creating your ultimate listing checklist, you can start by developing a plan for getting started with showings. This might include scheduling a photographer to capture the home’s best features. Hiring a professional will ensure you have the best images to work with and send a message that you’re a professional yourself. 

Ensure that you have also collected all the pertinent property details and have your clients sign any necessary disclosure forms. Now is also the time to have the critical conversation with your clients about cleaning and staging suggestions. Clarify any showing instructions with your clients and confirm availability.

Preparing Your Marketing Plan

Some of these basic marketing suggestions are obvious. But having a listing checklist handy will make sure you don’t forget any key marketing steps. Start by putting your sign in the yard and adding the listing to MLS. You can then explore scheduling open houses. Send emails to invite local real estate agents to bring buyers by to see your new listing. 

Consider using your smartphone to create a walkthrough video tour to promote on social media. If print ads make sense in your market, now’s the time to place those, as well. New listing flyers and postcards can also be helpful in canvassing the area with your new listing.

Preparing for the Offers

In today’s dynamic real estate market, you should prepare for the offers to come in fast. Here are a few steps to prepare for to ensure you don’t miss a beat when those buyers come flooding in with pricing.

  • Present the Offer to Your Clients
  • Counter Offering and Negotiation When Applicable
  • Assembling Documents and Next-Steps Instructions for Your Clients

Contracts and Closing Checklists

Once your clients accept an offer, the ball is rolling, and your task list will snowball quickly. Here is a rough roster of steps you should be prepared to tackle, from contracts to closings.

  • Opening Escrows
  • Scheduling Contingency Timelines
  • Provide Your Clients with Closing Agent and Coordinator Contact Information
  • Stay on Top of the Appraisal and Home Inspection Processes
  • Secure Remaining Seller Signatures
  • Provide Clients with a Moving Checklist, If Applicable
  • Settlement Statement Review
  • Collecting Listing Property Keys

The Post-Closing Listing Agent Checklist

Congratulations! Your listing has sold! But after the closing, your work isn’t done yet. Now is the time to follow up with your clients to ensure satisfaction. Send them your thoughtful gift and thank you card. Ask for an online review or testimonial. Don’t forget to also ask for referrals. Add your clients to your ongoing database of contacts for future communication.

As a listing agent, your to-do list is a long one. Having everything outlined and prepared can help you stay on track and avoid missing any necessary steps. Leverage some of these suggestions to improve yours. And when you really want to sell your listing faster and for more money, include Listing Profit Remodeling in your process. 

We can make all the necessary remodels and repairs by deferring the sellers’ payment until closing, improving the condition and marketability of the property. Contact us to get your Listing Profit Remodeling brochures and include them in your listing packets today!