What Real Estate Agents Really Need to Know About Home Inspection Reports

Real estate agents have a love-hate relationship with home inspection reports. Often ordered by potential buyers, home inspectors come into your home listings and put together a report of deficiencies, defects, and flaws. You can probably recall a few deals that fell apart just because of a lengthy inspection report. It almost makes you cringe when you think you have a great offer and a solid deal, only to then have to wait for the home inspection report to finalize terms.

But home inspections are necessary, and there is more to understand about the reports. It doesn’t have to be a deal-breaking step in the process. And if you’re working with Listing Profit Remodeling, you can put those inspection reports to work for you and your sellers in a way that brings in even better offers.

What Home Inspectors Are Trained to Identify

Home inspectors are not all created equal. Depending on the specific inspector’s credentials and experience, including certification with either the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) or InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors,) each individual inspector will have a keener eye for different home listing deficiencies. However, there are basics every inspection report will cover, including these key elements of the home.

Each inspection report should consist of a thorough and unbiased visual overview of the:

  • Foundation
  • Structure
  • Exterior & Interior
  • Plumbing & Drainage
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Roof & Gutter
  • Electrical System
  • Windows, Doorways & Lighting
  • Appliances
  • Safety (from trip hazards to fire hazards)
  • Landscaping & Grading

How Inspection Reports Can Work in Your Favor

Home inspections don’t have to be deal-killers after the buyer shows interest. If you coach your sellers to get a pre-listing inspection, for example, the report can be a tool to coach your clients on making the property move-in ready. A pre-listing inspection can also alert you and your sellers to any potential red flags buyers might question before making an offer.

There will be some conditions that might warrant immediate repair. Alternatively, these might lead to a conversation about reducing the asking price to accommodate the costs needed to repair these significant issues.

  • Evidence of Mold or Fungal Growth
  • Present Water Intrusion Concerns
  • Fire Hazard Electrical Components
  • Presence of Asbestos Exposure
  • Entire Roof Degradation
  • Foundational & Structural Failures

Identifying Easy Maintenance Tasks, Your Sellers Can Tackle

Not every item on an inspection report will warrant significant repairs. When your sellers get a pre-listing inspection, it can be helpful to put together a quick to-do list of maintenance or minor improvements to make the home move-in ready. These smaller tasks might include:

  • Cleaning out the gutters.
  • Trimming low-hanging foliage or limbs.
  • Tightening loose railings or fixtures.
  • Replacing burnt-out lighting.
  • Decluttering common areas for showings.
  • Ordering seasonal maintenance for HVAC components.

Exploring the Equity Rescue Program with Your Inspection Report

If you’re working with Listing Profit Remodeling, the home inspection report is the first step in the Equity Rescue Program process. With a complete list of potentially needed upgrades, our team can work with you and your sellers to verify home equity needed to make necessary renovations, repairs, or remodels. Can a new roof, new appliances, or a complete kitchen remodel help this property sell for more? We’ll help sellers decide what makes the most sense. Once decided, they don’t pay a dime until closing, and Listing Profit Remodeling handles all the contracting and project details.

Don’t let home inspection reports ruin any more real estate deals. Talk to your sellers about partnering with us! We can handle the pre-listing inspection and help them use the equity they already have to make any move-in-ready upgrades now, without paying until closing. Your home listings will sell faster and for more money, making it a win-win for everyone!