Why Move-in Ready Conditions Matter in Today’s Real Estate Market

Having a move-in ready listing is just an all-around, better scenario. That’s no secret. But in today’s ridiculously hot real estate market, not having a move-in ready property means waiting longer and selling for less. The data is in, and homebuyers are intent on hassle-free transactions that include those properties with little to nothing to do upon taking residence. Here’s what every Realtor should know about getting move-in ready listings and having the conversations with sellers about making the property move-in ready before listing.

What It Really Means to Move-In Ready

Let’s start with differentiating factors. A move-in ready home is sound from roof to foundation in terms of achieving a state of “deemed livable.” And this status can apply to a new construction, a 70-year-old home, or a flipped property. This translates to properly operating basics like plumbing, HVAC, and electricity. Move-in ready also means critical safety standards are met, like locking doors and working smoke detectors. Ideally, the home’s condition is ready for new occupants to take residency without having to address any immediate structural, safety, or livability concerns. Buyers can move in the couch and flop on it without worry.

Move-In Ready Means No Surprises

If you can market a property as move-in ready, it sends a message to potential buyers that there won’t be any unnecessary or unreasonable surprises. The home is clean, well-maintained, and ready for residency immediately. And selling a home that already looks great is much easier than trying to convey what a house “might” look like if the buyers were to invest in repairs or remodels.

Take the Temporary Housing Issue Off the Table

Buyers will come from all over the country, especially if they’re relocating for work. Having a move-in ready property means those buyers won’t have to worry about temporary residency after buying a home to make necessary repairs. That alone can translate to a quicker sale. And buyers facing two home options will almost always pick the move-in ready option, just to avoid temporary housing solutions.

No One Wants Maintenance Projects When They First Arrive

Everyone understands that homeownership comes with certain long-term maintenance responsibilities. But in all honesty, no one ever really wants to do maintenance work when they first buy the house. Sure, there are buyers out there eager to get into that fixer-upper. However, more and more buyers today are just looking for that hassle-free, no contractors needed experience.

Big Repairs Cost Big Money

Homebuyers are already investing in what is likely the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. What can be a serious deterrent for many is the prospect of having to invest even more to make significant repairs or take on major home projects. Having a move-in ready property means buyers won’t have to make additional investments for big-ticket fixes.

How to Convince Your Sellers to Think Move-In Ready

You know move-in ready properties will sell quicker and for more money. But how can you convince your sellers to see the same benefits, especially when you’re asking them to spend more money before listing? From basic roof repairs to complete kitchen remodels, Listing Profit Remodeling can be your greatest asset in achieving move-in ready results from wary sellers. Our program allows homeowners to leverage the existing equity in their property to fund the repairs and remodels necessary to make the listing move-in ready. And the selling point? They don’t have to spend a dime until closing to fund it.

If you need help with convincing your sellers to explore move-in ready options, let Listing Profit Remodeling help! Contact a member of our Listing Profit team to learn more about our program and start selling those listings faster and for more money today!